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Don't turn your nose up at these!

My good friend and creative cohort, Justin from Saraundo created these brilliant limited edition tissue packs of some of my snotfineart work.


The Shend

A combination of a pic I took at a Cravats gig and then ‘borrowed’ the style from John Carpenter’s The Thing poster.

dr martens

Classic style… I must have owned thirty pairs.

Captain Sensible

Such a great character… Has never changed/grown up. You have to remind yourself that he’s a pretty darn fine musician for a toilet cleaner from the Fairfield Halls.

John Cooper Clarke

Still bringing poetry to the masses: Funny, succint and very, very clever. Should be up there with Betjeman and Hughes…

Poly Styrene

One of the great things about punk is the way that women are treated as equals. Poly was a shining example as a great frontperson of a band. May her soul rest in peace.

toy dolls frame

Not a novelty act… A darn fine punk band, both lyrically and musically.

Siouxsie Sioux

Enjoyed doing his one….

Steve Jones

A far better guitarist than he claimed to be.

Glen Matlock

Had Glen’s approval for this one: “Really like ’em, although my fave is the John Cooper Clarke silhouette at the end. Cheers, Glen”