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Anniversary print for a Cliff fan..

I was commissioned to do this by a chap who’s partner is a massive Cliff Richard fan. I based it on a sixties pop magazine cover and tweaked the wording and graphics accordingly.


Charlie Harper with his portrait

Charlie bought one of my snotfineart prints at The Rebellion Festival!

Justin Sullivan

Haven’t posted for a while as I’m preparing for exhibiting at Rebellion Festival. But thought I’d just give you a taster of one of the new limited editions.

Don't turn your nose up at these!

My good friend and creative cohort, Justin from Saraundo created these brilliant limited edition tissue packs of some of my snotfineart work.

Happy Spanielversary

Taking a break from punky portraits, I did this for my folks’ Wedding Anniversary. Hopefully caught Sorrel’s ‘give me your food, I’m feeling sorry for myself look….’

John Robb

Frontman, journalist, raconteur and top bloke..

dr martens

Classic style… I must have owned thirty pairs.

Captain Sensible

Such a great character… Has never changed/grown up. You have to remind yourself that he’s a pretty darn fine musician for a toilet cleaner from the Fairfield Halls.

John Cooper Clarke

Still bringing poetry to the masses: Funny, succint and very, very clever. Should be up there with Betjeman and Hughes…

Poly Styrene

One of the great things about punk is the way that women are treated as equals. Poly was a shining example as a great frontperson of a band. May her soul rest in peace.